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About the Project

The Idea

Action and Interaction is an interactive space and video installation – a performative experience space.
The visitors themselves influence the image and sound through movement, sound, temperature,
humidity, air pressure and other sensor values. Cameras capture parts of the room for this purpose.
These signals are mixed with each other and with short videos, distorted, blured and filtered. A
synthesizer noise sound is generated in real time and all factors, disturbances, mixes of the sound
etc. can be directly influenced by sensors distributed in the room. The space thus becomes a walk-in
theremin, a happening space, a sexpositive space that changes through interaction.


The foundations of this project go back to two exhibitions in 2021. At the exhibition
Comeback to the Future, I showed the interactive installation Corona Conform Contact,
where visitors could safely get closer through a plastic wall and rubber gloves.
For the House of losing Control at the Vienna Art Week I extended the installation with a
4-channel video installation. There, 10 pornographic videos were mixed and distorted in real
time. The contents became only guessable, abstracted and thus visuals on walls and ceiling.
Visuals and sounds were generated in real time, but controlled by random generators.
Through several exhibitions this was now extended via sensors distributed throughout the
space, sustainably conceived larger membrane walls, cameras and interactive sex toys.
During the exhibitions, the installation became a performative space.
This continues to be expanded and refined.

Project description

Action and Interaction is a room-sized, walk-through, usable, interactive space installation with
4-channel video and 8-channel sound.
The visitors become part of the installation, can touch each other in a course with membranewalls
where gloves are integrated. An additional opening, covered by both sides can be opened for
mote physical interaction – but only in consent from both sides. The space I permeated by fine fog.
On four projection screens alienated and mixed videos are projected. The videos are partly prerecorded
and partly recorded live in the room. Movement in the room, changes in humidity, air
pressure and temperature influence which video signals are displayed and how they are alienated.
The sound is also influenced by various sensor values. This creates an interactive space, a walkthrough
instrument and a happening space.
Interactive sex toys with Bluetooth interface are also integrated.
The Action and Interaction project breaks down the boundaries between visitors and artistic object,
between space and work, between recording and live video, between error, disturbance and art, and
between real and interactive space. There is even the possibility to let the installation interact with
each other, influence each other, spatially separated over several locations and connected by the
The project is in constant evolution and transformation and so every exhibition, every installation
is different.


The installation currently consists of 4 walls of steel tubes (1.4×2.4m) covered with semi-transparent PVC membranes. In each of these membranes 8 long latex gloves (4 per side) are inserted, which allow to touch the person on the other side. In the middle of each membrane there is an opening. This opening is intended to allow more extensive physical contact, but is closed with a cover from both sides. Contact is therefore only possible by mutual agreement if the opening is opened from both sides. Since the membrane surface is semi-transparent, it is suitable for video projections from both sides. In addition, there are walls that are covered with membrane foils without gloves, making it possible to flexibly build a labyrinth in the room.
With four video projectors, the membrane walls are adapted to the spatial conditions with the four-channel video projection.
The audio installation consists of 8 loudspeakers, which can be flexibly distributed in the room and attached to the installation.
The projected images and the sound are influenced by the sensors distributed in the room. For example, blurred projections become sharper as the person viewing them approaches. Sensors are also attached to individual gloves that detect movement and
can thus influence the sound and image. The installation also includes a dildo and a vibrator. The vibrator is controlled via radio when the dildo is moved. This is a technology that is very common for online sex work.
Behind individual membrane walls are beanbags wrapped in black foil, which add an additional inviting component to the space. In the installation, condoms, licking cloths, disposable gloves, lubricant and disinfectant are draped in several places and are also available for visitors to use or take away.
Ropes are also provided in the space to allow visitors to engage in a consensual, performative experience.

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